A new species of wild elephant is coming to the UK

  • August 3, 2021

Animals with horns have been spotted around England, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPS) has warned of a threat to the species.

Key points:An elephant with a horn is the most common species of elephant in England and WalesThe NPS has released a number of species of animals with horns including elephants, rhinos, lions and leopardsThe agency has issued several conservation alerts in the past, including a warning in 2016 about the threat to elephantsThe National Parks Service (NPWS) said the species of horned elephant, which is also known as the elephant with the horns, is known to the wild.

It is the species that is most common in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The NPWS said the animals with the horn have been seen around England in recent months.

Its announcement comes as the agency has released three conservation alerts on the threats facing elephants in the wild, with the first of these issued last month.

“We believe these are signs of an emerging threat to our wildlife and the NPWS believes the most urgent thing is for the public to take a step back and ask themselves if they are concerned about the future of the species,” said a spokesperson for the NPWs.

We have to be vigilant’The NPW said the horned elephants have been found in areas of England, including at places like Kingswood and Blackpool, and in areas with significant wildlife activity such as the Bexleyheath and Cumbria parks.”

We also know from our own experience with elephant populations in China and Zimbabwe that these species are threatened by the encroachment of human activity and the destruction of habitat.”‘

We have to be vigilant’The NPW said the horned elephants have been found in areas of England, including at places like Kingswood and Blackpool, and in areas with significant wildlife activity such as the Bexleyheath and Cumbria parks.

It said the NPW was working with local authorities and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to protect the animals.

“As with any conservation situation, there are times when the NPws approach is a bit reactive and sometimes reactive to the facts,” the spokesperson added.

“But we must be vigilant about protecting the species in our areas, and working with the NPVS and local authorities to take action to protect it.”

The spokesperson also highlighted the importance of the NPS to the wider conservation and management of wild animals, adding: “We are constantly assessing how we can best manage the wildlife in our parks and wildlife management districts.”

The NPA has already published several conservation guidelines and warnings, and is now working on its latest to put together a strategy to deal with the threats posed by these species.

A spokesperson for NPWS Wales said: “Whilst the NPaws new rhino horn alert has been a significant step forward, we are not yet at the point where the agency can be proactive about horned species.”

This means we need to focus our efforts on the best way to protect our rhinos and other animals in our national parks, whilst also taking into account other threats such as hunting and poaching.” 

The NPWs rhino alert is not the first time that the agency had to respond to a horned animal.

Last year, it issued a conservation alert about the rhino-horned elephant called The Elephant With The Horn, which was discovered in the North Wales village of Burrow.

The elephant with horns was described as being between 2 and 6ft tall, with a long, thick tail and a long trunk.”

The NPws conservation alerts are about educating the public about the potential impacts of these species and encouraging them to act to protect them, but are not a substitute for the protection of the environment and biodiversity,” said the spokesperson.”

They are important reminders that if we do not act, the species will continue to be harmed.” 

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