How to Get Away With Murder – The Movie trailer

  • October 22, 2021

The trailer for the upcoming horror movie The How to Murder Movie has been leaked online. 

It shows a group of men and women playing out a murder scenario as they drive around an American suburb in a car, with a female voiceover narrating their plans. 

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, director Scott Derrickson said he wanted to create a movie that would be scary and realistic, and not just be fun to watch. 

“The reason why I wanted to make a movie like this is that I don’t know how I’m going to make this film,” Derricksson said.

And if I’m making a horror movie, then I don, you know, make that shit out of fear.” “

It’s going to feel real.

And if I’m making a horror movie, then I don, you know, make that shit out of fear.” 

Derrickson is known for directing the movies that inspired the cult horror series The Shining and The Thing. 

He has directed numerous films since then, including The Purge, The Lost Boys, and a couple of other horror films.

He has also directed two feature films: The Purger, a sequel to The Purging, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Derricksons latest project is The How To Murder Movie, which he is currently shooting in Vancouver, Canada. 

The trailer opens with a group sitting on a bench in a suburban park. 

They are dressed in their Halloween costumes, and are playing a game called The How. 

One of the group members says that there is a murder victim in the park and they need to find him, while another asks them to find the murder weapon. 

Several people have already started searching for the murder victim. 

Suddenly, a large black truck pulls up next to the group. 

It pulls into the park, and the group turns around. 

Another group member says that they are all still in their costume, but are wearing masks. 

As they continue to search for the missing murder weapon, the truck drives by. 

Soon, another group member asks the truck driver, “Who is that?” 

The driver replies, “It doesn’t matter, you’re all dead.

We got it.” 

The truck pulls into another parking lot. 

Again, several people are still in costumes. 

Finally, a group member tells the driver, “[We] got it.

We found it.”

 The car pulls up, and another member of the crew pulls up behind the truck. 

Once again, they are still wearing masks, and continue to play The How in a panic. 

 Eventually, the group realizes the truck has been shot at and one of the members tries to run away. 

But another member tells him to stop, and he does. 

A bullet grazes the back of his head, and his eyes roll back in his head. 

More shots are fired, and then the truck starts to roll down a hill, leaving the rest of the crowd dead. 

Derricksons original script had a different ending, but it didn’t go over as well with audiences, who were split on whether or not to see it. 

After the release of The How, Derricksen announced that he had been writing a script called How to Kill the Killer. 

On the trailer, a woman tells the group, “We are not criminals.

We are hunters.

We will find the killer.” 

This trailer ends with the narrator saying, “The murderer was not a person.

It was a monster.

It had no reason to kill.” 

We are now in the fifth season of The Who.

The next episode will be on March 13.