Why do we love horn dogs?

  • October 27, 2021

Riding a bike in the mountains can be intimidating.

In addition to being a hazard, it’s also a source of stress for everyone involved.

That’s why the folks at Horner Park in the city of Lakehead are offering a horn dog program.

“Horn dogs are a good companion for any dog or pony,” said Horner park ranger Paul Kelleher.

“They can help them get up and around their own and they can give them the exercise and the training that they need to get up to speed and be more confident.” 

The program is being offered at the park.

Anyone can come to the park and have their pet trained and given a ride to and from the park, Kellehers said. 

“Horn Dogs are great for anyone who wants to ride a bike, walk a dog, go for a walk,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of dogs come to us because they want to ride and get around, or because they have a problem and they need the ride to get it under control.”

The Horn Dogs Rodeo is being held every Thursday from July 12 to August 12. 

A free ride will be provided for anyone that brings their dog to the rodeo.

Anyone who brings a pet to the ride will get a ride with a handler. 

Anyone that brings a dog to a rodeo and is not happy with the experience can contact the Horn Dogs and Horns Rodeos office at 519-836-3492.