How to live like a salmon in the wild

  • September 22, 2021

A man living alone on the edge of a remote stretch of the Atlantic Ocean is taking a big risk by staying home and not having a girlfriend.

The man, who calls himself Horning, has lived alone on a stretch of ocean between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia since the early 1990s, and has been in and out of shelters, shelters for people with mental health issues, and even homeless shelters for years.

He’s never felt unsafe, he says.

“I’ve never felt like it was unsafe to be out here.

I feel safe and I don’t feel unsafe to leave the house.””

I never had to worry about being taken out by the police or the fire department.

I didn’t have to worry that if I did leave my house I was going to be attacked,” Horning says.

It was never his dream to be an ocean diver, and he says he would have rather been a fisherman.

But he had never been to the coast and knew he had to do something to help.

“It just kind of came from there,” Horting says.

The only thing he’s afraid of, he said, is being alone.

Horning started diving in the spring of 2017, after he heard about the Atlantic salmon migration.

“There were tons of people that had done the same thing, so I knew it was a good idea to dive,” Horbing says.

Diving in the Atlantic, he was one of many who came out to watch the salmon migrate.

He’s been in one of the largest fish farms on the East Coast, the Newfoundland Fishmen’s Association, for the last three years.

He says he has no interest in living on the side of the road or being homeless.

“You’re never going to have a girlfriend or anything like that,” Horking says.

His mom, who he says is still working, helps him with all his needs, including food, clothing and the occasional $100 tip.

Horting’s family is supportive, he adds.

“I’m always very supportive of my mom,” Horrying says.

“When we’re out here, we have a lot of fun,” he says, laughing.

“We get to be a part of it.

She loves us, she’s always there for us.”

What’s the deal with this rumble of a horn?

  • September 21, 2021

The “salmon horn” is a rumble in the air and is typically the result of an aircraft engine overheating.

The roar is a very distinctive sound that is very loud and can cause the victim to jump.