When Will Texas Long Horn Kits Become Official Gear?

  • September 15, 2021

A long-time Texas Longhorns fan favorite and longtime fixture on SportsCenter, Jason Whitlock will soon be getting his own long-sleeve gear, along with a pair of T-shirts, on the new Texas Longhorn Gear program.

In the first wave of Longhorn gear, Whitlock is getting a T-shirt and shorts from Longhorn Sports, along a pair long-snapper hats from Texas Football Coaches, and a pair Long-Snapper Hat & Tights from Longhorns Head Coach Charlie Strong.

Whitlock will be the first Longhorn to wear these new items as an official part of his jersey.

The long-nosed, short-nose Texas Long Snapper will also get his own pair of shorts and a new pair of gloves.

A Longhorn jersey without any official gear would seem like an odd thing to wear, but Whitlock says the Texas Horns have a history of doing things their own way, and that’s exactly what the new Longhorn merchandise is all about.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for a lot of people, and I’m excited to get my first pair of long snapper hats and long snappers in the next couple of months,” he said.

“They’re going to be a great addition to the program, and they’ll give the Longhorns a great name for the game.”

The Long Snappers are a popular tradition at the game, and in the last two years, the Longhorn Long Snapping has become one of the most iconic sounds in college football.

The Long Snap can be heard during most football games, as well as the Longhood Long Snaps, when Texas has scored a touchdown.

Whitlocks Long Snaptures have been featured on the Longhoras “Game of the Century” on ESPN, and he says he’ll wear the Longhorned Long Snaphappy on his next stop on the College Football Playoff Tour.

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