How to fix the iPhone 8’s headphone jack in less than a week

  • September 16, 2021

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are finally here, and the new phones have the same hardware design and features that made them so appealing to tech fans in the first place.

Both are powered by the Snapdragon 835 chip and come with a 12.3-megapixel camera, a 4.5-inch screen, and an 8-megabyte storage option.

However, Apple’s software for the phones is now a little different than it was before.

For one thing, the phone will have a new “Siri” voice-activated assistant.

For another, the 8 and 10 Plus will get a fingerprint sensor that Apple has said will allow them to unlock the phones faster than before.

And finally, the new iPhone is expected to have a much bigger battery.

It’s still not a big upgrade over the 7 and 6 Plus, but the new iPhones should be significantly faster, according to AppleInsider.

But that won’t be the case for everyone.

“It’s definitely going to take some time to get used to,” one former Apple employee told us.

“A lot of people don’t even know they need it, and it’ll be a little hard for some people to get the hang of it.”

AppleInsiders reader Alex Friesen has had some experience with Siri and Apple’s new assistant.

In his opinion, Apple has done a great job with its Siri software, but he still doesn’t believe Siri is ready to replace the voice assistant on the iPhone.

“I’d say Siri is the future,” Frieser said.

“They should be adding more voice-action features, but it’s hard to know how long they’ll be able to do that without Apple giving it a lot more attention.”

For now, the Siri experience will be limited to a few features in iOS 10.1.

That means you can’t ask Siri for directions, check email, or listen to music through Siri.

However you can now ask Siri to send you an email with a message, which will send you a reminder of that email in a few minutes.

You can also use Siri to set reminders for a certain date, a certain day, or to set a specific reminder for a specific location.

You’ll be asked to pick one of the four Siri-specific Siri actions that the new phone will support.

These include: send an email (to, from, or a contact); change a notification; change a text message; and send a photo.

For more, check out our iPhone 8 review.

AppleInsies reader Dan Coker is a big fan of the new voice-operated assistant, but said that the interface will be somewhat of a mixed bag.

“The interface will definitely have a lot of limitations in terms of how you interact with it, but I don’t think Siri is going to replace voice-command,” he said.

However he did say that Siri will make it easier to use Siri.

“Sonic does this thing where he’s tapping on the screen and it tells you a message in a voice, and you have to say, ‘yes’ to it,” Coker said.

That is, if you want to use the Siri app, you have the option to tap on the text, or tap on a button and say, “yes” to it.

“So I can say, hey, this is a new email from my friends.

I’m going to do this today, and I’m asking Siri to take me to my friends,” he added.

Coker thinks that this is the biggest problem with Siri, and he also thinks that Apple is working on a solution.

“Apple seems to be a lot closer to being able to replace Siri, but they’re not quite there yet,” he told us, “so it’s kind of like trying to replace your iPod or iPad.

It’ll be good enough for a few years, but when Apple starts to make Siri work on the phone it’ll likely be too late.”

This is just the latest in a long line of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus reviews that have come out since the phones were announced.

But if you’re looking for more iPhone updates, you can follow TechCrunch on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Which emojis were the most common among the top 100?

  • September 10, 2021

1 of 3 The following tweets are part of a series exploring how we’re interacting with the most popular emoji in the UK.

If you see something that’s not clear, or something that needs a correction, please let us know.



#freethenipple The emoji are often associated with a French word that means “freetheipple” and are often seen as cute, but are also used as a symbol of oppression.

The emoji’s primary function is to signify sexual inequality, which has been linked to sexual harassment, racism, and violence against women.

They’re also often used to denote the gender identity of a person.


#feministfeminism The emojes of this feminist movement are often used as an emblem of women’s liberation, which can be seen as a strong symbol of a women’s power to change society and its attitudes towards women.


#hollyhorne The emoji of a wolf emoji is often associated and used as part of an image of a woman, as a way of symbolising the gender equality of women.


#cadets #catholic #sunday #cancelled #stamp#northern #cant #covidsource Google News 1 of 7 The following tweet is part of the #cancelbritains #britishbritain hashtag campaign.

If this is a problem for you, please contact us so we can make it right.


2 of 7 3 of 7 4 of 7 5 of 7 6 of 7 7 of 7 8 of 7 9 of 7 10 of 7 11 of 7 12 of 7 13 of 7 14 of 7 15 of 7 16 of 7 17 of 7 18 of 7 19 of 7 20 of 7 21 of 7 22 of 7 23 of 7 24 of 7 25 of 7 26 of 7 27 of 7 28 of 7 29 of 7 30 of 7 31 of 7 32 of 7 33 of 7 34 of 7 35 of 7 36 of 7 37 of 7 38 of 7 39 of 7 40 of 7 41 of 7 42 of 7 43 of 7 44 of 7 45 of 7 46 of 7 47 of 7 48 of 7 49 of 7 50 of 7 51 of 7 52 of 7 53 of 7 54 of 7 55 of 7 56 of 7 57 of 7 58 of 7 59 of 7 60 of 7 61 of 7 62 of 7 63 of 7 64 of 7 65 of 7 66 of 7 67 of 7 68 of 7 69 of 7 70 of 7 71 of 7 72 of 7 73 of 7 74 of 7 75 of 7 76 of 7 77 of 7 78 of 7 79 of 7 80 of 7 81 of 7 82 of 7 83 of 7 84 of 7 85 of 7 86 of 7 87 of 7 88 of 7 89 of 7 90 of 7 91 of 7 92 of 7 93 of 7 94 of 7 95 of 7 96 of 7 97 of 7 98 of 7 99 of 7 100 of 7

How to get a drum set and make your own horn

  • September 9, 2021

A horn is a versatile instrument, but the only way to get one is to buy it.

That means buying a drum kit from the pros.

The drum set, a combination of the horn and a guitar, is a popular choice among the basset and horn players.

“There are a lot of drum sets out there,” said Brent Broussard, owner of the Brouson-Williams Guitar Shop in Montreal.

Brousard sells drum kits for as little as $350, but he can also sell the drum set for a much higher price.

Boussard is also the head honcho at The Drum School, which teaches young players how to play the drums.

Drumming with a drum is a very safe and enjoyable way to learn the fundamentals of drumming.

If you want to learn how to take a lead, Brouds says, “that’s a different ball game, but you’re still learning the fundamentals.”

You can also learn to play a bass drum with your own drum kit.

“If you want that kind of experience, that’s the way to go,” he said.

The Brousesons offer free lessons on the internet and in person, and offer free studio and gig rentals for musicians looking to try out a new drum sound.

“You can have the same kit you have at home and have someone else take care of it,” said Broustard.

“I’d rather have a new kit with me than have someone take care for my old kit.”

How to make your drum kit Drumming tips to make sure your drum set is your own Drum kit is a tool that anyone can use.

To make sure you have the best drum kit possible, you’ll need to take the following steps: Measure the size of your drum to determine its overall weight.

If the drum is about the same size as your guitar, it’s probably going to be easier to use.

If your kit is smaller, make sure the length of the neck is the same length of your guitar as well.

The best way to do this is to take your guitar string and measure it.

The longer the string, the shorter the neck will be.

Pick out a piece of string that’s about the length you want for your kit.

Drill a hole through the middle of that piece of guitar string.

Then cut a hole in the middle that’s a few inches wide.

(A standard guitar neck is about a third of an inch wide.)

Make sure that the hole is at least half the width of the guitar string itself.

(An 8-string guitar can fit comfortably into that hole.)

Cut two lengths of string at the same time and loop them around the hole.

This will create a string that will have the exact same length.

Repeat the process for the other two strings.

Repeat until you have a whole string of strings that you can easily fit into the hole in your guitar.

Use a guitar tuner to adjust the length to the correct size.

Don’t worry about trying to figure out the right length if you’re not sure of the exact length.

If everything goes according to plan, your drum will look like this: Drum kit size and weight Tip: Make sure you don’t get a bass kit or an acoustic guitar that’s too small for your neck.

This can cause the neck to be too short.

Bass guitars and acoustic guitars are built to fit around the neck, so you can use the same measurements and measurements that you would for a guitar.

But, the size and thickness of the instrument itself is usually not the key to making a great drum set.

Boulton says the key is to make it sound like it’s made of solid wood, not a foam board.

“The thing you really need is a solid piece of wood,” he explained.

“That’s a really hard thing to find in the store.”

How long to drill a hole for your drum When drilling a hole, it helps to take care to drill it well and in a specific pattern.

“When you’re doing the drill, you want it to be a smooth and clean hole,” said Brian Boulson, head honchos at The Boulons Guitar Shop.

“It should be straight up and down and not go through any things, which will help you get the proper amount of pressure to go in.”

This can be tricky because there are certain types of holes that can’t be drilled well.

BOURSON: “Some holes will be easier for a person to drill than others.”

If you have any problems, check your tools first.

A good drill is a really sturdy, solid piece.

Don.t try to drill any holes that are not made of wood.

“Some screws are not solid enough, or the hole isn’t a straight line,” said John Boulsson, the Boulmans head honchess.

“Those kinds of things should be avoided.”

If the hole has holes in it,

How to get your hands on a pair of Raiders horns

  • September 9, 2021

A pair of horns that will give you an edge in your local pub quiz, as well as the ability to get an extra point in the quiz!

Originally released in 2010 as part of the NRL Cup series, the Raiders’ first ever Super Rugby season has seen the brand re-emerge as a key part of their package.

While they’ve continued to sell their horns on-field, the brand has remained under a veil of secrecy as the game’s popularity has grown.

But this year, after winning the first two rounds of the competition, the iconic horns were re-introduced in a special edition, which featured three of the team’s best players.

This was followed by the introduction of the first-ever Raiders Horn on the NSW Cup.

The Raiders have also had the opportunity to release their second-ever pair of Super Rugby horns, this time featuring the NRL’s best.

In addition to the horns, the team also unveiled a new pair of helmets.

The Raiders have released the first three-piece helmet, which was created for the game.

This helmet is a special version of the one worn by the Raiders when they won the NRL premiership in 2019.

This piece is designed to look like the Raiders jersey but it’s made from real leather and is made of a specially-engineered material.

The helmet has the look of a traditional rugby helmet but with a slightly different shape to that of the current version.

It’s made to look as though it’s been made by the team that won the premiership but with an eye-catching look and feel to it.

The final version of this helmet is the new Raiders Horn, which will go on sale on February 1st.

We’re delighted to announce that the Raiders Horn has been re-released in its iconic state of its own, and will now be available in a new, special edition.

The team will be releasing a second-generation helmet in March to celebrate the team and their players’ achievements.

You can now get your first look at the new helmet as it will be on sale at a limited time starting February 1.

Which horn is right for you?

  • September 1, 2021

The most popular horn on the market, the horn hub, can connect to a truck air horn.

It uses the same technology that allows for connecting the air horn hub to a motorcycle air horn as well as to a pair of helmet ear plugs.

But it has a much lower output of power, which makes it more suitable for people who prefer a less powerful air horn for transportation.

The horn hub can also be used to connect the air horns in a helicopter.

While the horn in this case is smaller, it has enough power to connect to two motorcycle helmets.

If you’re looking for a more powerful airhorn, the grebe horn map will connect the horn to a helmet that can deliver a more impressive output of sound than the horn on this list.

And finally, the cape horn map connects the airhorn to a bike helmet that’s equipped with a small speaker and a built-in microphone.

But when it comes to a single horn, you might want to look elsewhere.

The grebe map can connect with a truck horn in the following ways:It connects to a large-volume truck horn.

It connects with the horn of a larger-volume motorcycle horn.

The horn hub has a small, rechargeable battery that can charge the horn for up to three hours.

The world of horses in a box

  • August 30, 2021

Horses with horns are no stranger to the world of pets, but what about a world where their ears are the size of a cantaloupe?

Horses have ears, and in some cases, they can actually help their owners out.

Here’s a look at some of the world’s most fascinating and beloved animals.1.

Heimdall The heimdalls, or long-tailed hares, are a species of rabbit that can be found throughout Europe.

They have long tails and long ears.

Their ears are so long that they can reach the top of the head, giving them a distinctively long, pointed appearance.2.

Long-tailed HaresLong-tailed heimds are also found throughout the world.

They are a medium-sized rabbit with a long, flat nose, and long, slender tails.

They can be up to 2 meters (6 feet) long.3.

Longtail HaresA female long-tail hare, named Stella, was found on a farm in Australia.

She was about the size and shape of a quarter, and had long, short, and wavy hair.

She had two small ears on each side of her head, and one large one on each ear.

She has a long tail that was as long as her body.4.

Red-faced hareThis rare species of hare is named for its red face.

The red hare was found in eastern Africa, and is often mistaken for a fox.

The animal is usually a female, but males can sometimes be seen.

The species is endangered, and has only been seen in the wild in the eastern part of Africa.5.

Yellow-headed hareOne of the most famous of all the hares is the yellow-headed, or yellow-eyed hare.

These animals have long, dark hair on their heads, and are found in many parts of the planet.

They also have a long nose, making them extremely hard to see.6.

Puffin The puffed-nosed hare and the common puffin are both animals that have long ears and long tails.

The puffs are known as puff-noses because of their soft, round ears.

They were domesticated by Europeans about 200 years ago.7.

Barnyard haresBarnyard hare are small rabbits with a distinctive shape, called a roost, that resembles a small house.

They grow up to 6 centimeters (2 feet) tall.

They typically weigh around 150 grams (4 ounces).8.

Stag The Stag is a large rabbit that is about 2 meters long, and 2.5 meters wide.

They tend to live in woodlands and rocky areas, and will feed on small rodents and rabbits.

They eat rodents and rodents have a natural affinity for the meat of Stags.9.

Barnacle-lipped hareA Barnacle Lipped Hare is a species found in the South Pacific and Japan.

They come in two different colors: black and white.10.

PoodleThe poodle is an animal that has been called the most common and most popular pet in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Its coat is covered with small, red, bristly hairs that grow into the nose.

Its eyes are very small, and its ears are small.

They feed on a variety of insects, and have a keen sense of smell.11.

St. BernardThe St. Bernards, or storks, are very large rabbits with long legs and long necks.

They weigh between 120 and 200 grams (21 to 43 ounces).12.

StorkThe Storks are the largest rabbits of any breed.

They live about 40 to 60 days, and can be kept as pets for up to six years.13.

PomeranianPomersans are small dogs with short, pointed ears that are used to sniff out insects.

They use their ears to sniff around their house, but also can be trained to help them smell the environment.14.

Red foxThis species is a type of red fox found in North America.

It lives in the Eastern U.S. and parts of Canada.

The Red Fox is a member of the genus Canis.15.

Golden retrieverA Golden Retriever is an aggressive dog with a high body weight.

The golden retriever is known for its bold, energetic and playful behavior.

They usually roam freely around their owner, but may also be aggressive toward people.16.

Blue-footed ferretA blue-footed feline, also called a blue fennec, is found in northern Europe and northern Asia.

They may be as small as two pounds (0.6 kilograms).17.

PigeonA pigeon is a domestic pigeon, with a gray plumage and brownish-colored plumage on the back.

They’re known for their bold and friendly personalities.18.

FoxhoundThe fox

Bill and Hillary Clinton to hold fundraiser for Horns Fund to help Horns of Hope organization

  • August 21, 2021

Bill and Chelsea Clinton are set to hold a fundraiser for the Horns Of Hope organization to help veterans of the American war in the Horn of Africa.

The Clintons will be holding the fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C. The event is set for Sunday, Aug. 25, at 2 p.m. and will feature a “special event reception.”

The fundraising dinner is being sponsored by Horns founder and chairman, Mike Horn, and is being held in honor of Hillary Clinton.

Horns has previously announced that he plans to donate $10 million to the Clinton campaign in the 2018 midterm elections.

Horn said during an interview that he expects to raise more than $20 million for the Clinton Foundation and the Horn Foundation.

Horn, who was a member of the Democratic National Committee in the 2000s, will serve as the keynote speaker at the fundraiser.

Horn also noted that Horns family was “truly humbled” by the presidential endorsement of Hillary in January.

Horn’s foundation has also contributed to Clinton’s 2016 campaign and is scheduled to deliver an endorsement speech at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Horn is also a co-founder of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Horns are an African American nonprofit organization founded in 1994 and based in Columbia, South Carolina.

Horn and his wife, Chelsea, were among the founders of the organization in the 1990s, when Horn and other African American activists helped establish the African American Leadership Conference, a grassroots advocacy organization focused on African American issues.

Horn founded the group in 2004 and the couple has been involved in advocacy work for African American causes ever since.

Horn became the first African American elected to the South Carolina State Senate in 2018.

Horn recently announced that his family is “working toward building a better future for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” according to his website.

Horn has said that he is committed to continuing his fight for change, including advocating for the rights of veterans.

How to identify horns of other languages?

  • August 19, 2021

Trent Horn is a software developer and a passionate member of the community, and he’s keen to share his passion with others.

This article will help you learn about other languages, and learn how to identify their horns.

There are many languages, which can be used interchangeably.

But we want to highlight a few that are less commonly spoken.

These are the most common languages for which we have data.

You will probably come across the word “horn” when searching for words on Google.

Some people use the word to refer to the horns of a horse or a bird.

You can find a list of words with this meaning on Wikipedia.

You can also find horns on Wikipedia, and we have also included a link to a website with more information about horns.

For example, Wikipedia describes the word horn as “a large, round object, usually cylindrical or triangular, which contains a single horn, or a group of horns, or two or more horns”.

We have also listed the names of many languages on Wikipedia for your reference.

We have put together a list for you, with the most commonly used words.

These words have been added from a list on Wikipedia with an explanation on why the words were chosen.

We hope that this list helps you to learn a new language, and find out what to look for.

The words you will see on this list may be unfamiliar to you, but you may already know some of them.

If you know the names, you may also be able to identify a horn or two.

For a list with more examples, see this article.

If you want to learn other languages but don’t want to spend hours reading a Wikipedia article, we have some other ways of getting started.

You will also find the list of languages on this site useful for free.

How to Find the Goat Horns That Are Right for You

  • August 16, 2021

What are goat horns?

Goat horns are a very popular horn species in Texas and they are the source of much of the excitement for locals.

These horned reptiles are actually a hybrid between the goat and the cow.

They are native to Africa and are closely related to the llama, a native to the Middle East.

They have a long, stout, hairy body with sharp horns that can reach up to four metres (12 feet) long.

Goat horns can be up to a metre long.

They weigh up to 500 grams (1.3 lb).

You can find goat horns in the bush, in roadside stalls, or in homes that have goats.

The horns are harvested for medicinal purposes, and are often used as decorations and as decorations for religious rituals.

What are horns for?

Horns are the most popular horn in the world because they are beautiful, distinctive and they make a great gift.

They make a wonderful accent on clothing, jewelry, ornaments, or even as decorative items for your home.

What do you need to know about goat horns and their uses?

There are many different types of goat horns, each with its own distinctive and unique flavour and aroma.

The following are some of the more common types: Goat Horn – The most common type of goat horn.

It is an extremely long and slender species, measuring about two metres (5 feet) in length.

It has a soft, slightly oily smell.

The taste is very similar to the taste of milk.

Goat Horn – The largest goat horn and the largest of all goat horns.

It measures about three metres (10 feet) and weighs up to 400 grams (4.1 lb).

The taste of the goat horn is similar to that of milk, and it is quite bitter.

Goat’s Horn – This is the most common goat horn, weighing up to 50 grams (2.5 lb).

It is slightly longer than the other goat horns but shorter in length than the goat horns of the other species.

It tastes sweet.

Goat-Horn, Goat’s, Goat Horned, Goat-Toothed – Goat horns have a similar flavour to goat milk.

They taste sweet, like a good chocolate bar, but are a bit more bitter than the others.

Goathorn-Horns, Goathorn, Goat Toothed, GoatHorn-Treat – Goat’s horns have no taste and have a slightly different texture than goat horns (they are more flexible than the rest).

It has more body, and the taste is slightly more bitter.

It’s a bit thicker and has a more pronounced mouthfeel than the goats horns.

Goat horn is not a type of tree bark.

Goat and goat horn can be found in many different locations throughout Texas, including at the borders of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

In the United Kingdom, the word goat horn comes from the Latin word “goat”.

You can also find goat and goat horns at markets, in museums and restaurants, and at pet stores and flea markets.

Why do people love them?

They are easy to grow and the smell of them is wonderful.

They’re so beautiful and unique that they have become a symbol of the region.

In some areas, the goat is the symbol of power, pride and strength.

When people want to get their goat horns tattooed, they often do it on a large goat or on a goat horned reptile, such as a tortoise or a giraffe.

What about the colours and markings?

The horns have several different colours, with some being white and some being pink.

The most commonly seen colour is white, but it can also be brown, black, or orange.

Some goat horns are also known as white, yellow, or black and white, which are also very popular colours.

There are also goat horns that have a yellow stripe, sometimes referred to as a “golden cow horn”.

The stripes on goats horns are not always golden, but sometimes it is a very special colour.

What you need in order to make a goat’s horn?

You’ll need to grow a goat in order for the horns to grow.

You’ll also need to gather the horns from the local area.

For this, you’ll need an animal, which is something you will need to hunt for.

In order to get a good harvest, you will probably have to hunt a cow or goat.

It will take several months for a goat to be able to grow to full size, so if you’re planning to have a goat as a pet, you need a good source of goat meat for the pet goat.

There will also be a lot of time needed for the goat to shed its horns.

You will need time to feed and clean up after the goat, which can take several weeks.

How to get your goat horns cut or horn removed?

To cut your goat horn you will usually have to cut away at the end

How to get the most out of your beard, horns of odin

  • August 15, 2021

A beard is a thing of beauty.

And it’s also one of the most misunderstood parts of the human body.

How to get rid of it?

If you’re like many, you’re dreading the thought of chopping it down.

The truth is, the beard is surprisingly resilient.

Its elasticity is also pretty awesome.

“It’s like a stretchy elasticity that can take the strain of shaving and keep it fresh for hours at a time,” says Dr. Andrew Linnane, a professor of cosmetic surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

“There are a few tricks that you can do with a beard that can help keep it healthy and prevent skin cancer.”

So, how do you get the best out of a beard?

A good first step is to figure out what you want it to look like.

A good starting point is a beard made from the bark of the tree.

That’s because the beard’s hardy skin absorbs water from the air.

So, even if you chop down the tree, it won’t be as bad for your skin as if you cut the bark away.

A beard made of the bark from a tree is also more flexible, so it won.t feel like you’re doing a disfigurement.

Another key to a healthy beard is the length.

You want a beard to be short enough that you’ll be able to hold it in place without bending it or pushing it up against your skin.

Another way to find a length is by doing the measurements in centimeters.

This can be tricky, but if you know what your body is capable of, you can estimate your beard length.

If you want a longer beard, you need to work with a professional beard stylist.

But if you want the best results, stick with a length that’s the same length as the rest of your body.

The most important thing is to get a beard trimmed in the right shape.

This is what you’ll want to be doing with a big beard: shaping the beard into a “head” or a “tail” to resemble a mustache.

And the best way to do this is by using a beard trimming machine.

“The machine will shape the skin, so that the beard looks like a mustache, but it will also help to shape the beard and the skin into a tight, groomed look,” Dr. Linnanes says.

“So you’re just trying to get that shape and not getting rid of the beard,” he adds.

If you’re still not sure if you should trim the beard, it’s best to wait until the next step.

“A trimming wax can help to get it back on the head or tail of the head and vice versa, so you can see if it’s the right way,” Dr Linnans says.

The last thing to consider is the type of beard you’re going to have.

You might want to stick with the classic, coarse-grained beard, or you might want a more “fluffier” style.

You can always use a beard wax or beard conditioner to help to condition your beard.

“It’s important to get as much of the hair off the surface as possible, because the more hair there is, it will take a lot more moisture from the skin,” Dr, Linnani says.

So there you have it: the best tips on how to get your beard on the right side of health.

Beard Tips for Men and Women, Men and Their Hair: How to Grow a Beard

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